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We are a leading provider of recruitment services to employers seeking multi-lingual staff for locations across Europe. We specialise in finding, assessing and placing suitably qualified candidates with Northern European languages.
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Get in Touch

β€œTo have another language is to possess a second soul.”
― Charlemagne

Leanne McAfee

International Recruiter

Tel: +44 28 9581 1190


Hilary Graham

International Recruiter

Tel: +44 28 9600 5031


Nicola Dugan

International Recruiter

Tel: +44 28 9600 5032


Amen Ben Chaabane

International Recruiter

Tel: +44 28 9600 5034


Tamar Ravelli

Managing Director

Tel: +44 28 9600 2197


@Talingual Tweets
Multilingual Jobs
@talingualOct 05
Multilingual Jobs
@talingualOct 05
Trilingual Customer Service Specialist (SPA/POL/ENG) https://t.co/kbBEl3EgK6 https://t.co/qH7qw8G41s
Multilingual Jobs
@talingualOct 05
Trilingual Customer Service Specialist (SPA/POL/ENG) https://t.co/DffJhMLPj5 https://t.co/tjKoZH6wrh
Multilingual Jobs
@talingualOct 02
Bulgarian speaking Accounts Payable Specialist https://t.co/HyoUfEOKoV https://t.co/dV8JSHH3x5
Multilingual Jobs
@talingualSep 30
French speaking Quality Assurance Specialist https://t.co/9kI1GEP6JE https://t.co/Ro2No8LzT5