Remote learning opportunities during lockdown

Below are some of our favourite online learning resources that may be of particular interest during the Coronavirus lockdown period:

Open Learn from The Open University has a great range of courses with a lot of flexibility in how and when you can learn. Badged courses allows you to highlight your achievements on LinkedIn or other social media. As well as a great range of language courses, OpenLearn topics also include Health, History, The Arts, Nature and Environment, Business and Science among others.

Khan Academy: a nonprofit provider of courses for kids and adults. Courses aimed at adult learners include maths, science & engineering, computing, arts & humanities, and economics & finance, A couple of our favourites are Cosmology and Astronomy and the World History collection. Non-native English speakers may like to try the Grammar courses.

FutureLearn partners with top international universities and specialist organisations to offer online courses and degrees.. Short courses can be accessed for free. Highlights include Improve Your Intercultural Competence by Purdue University, Intercultural Communication by Shanghai International Studies University, and a range of language courses (make sure to click on “Show more language courses”.

The Skills Toolkit includes a range of introductory, intermediate and advanced courses. Courses of particular interest to job-seekers include Create a Professional Online Presence and Digital Skills: Social Media.

Especially for those looking after kids during lockdown, University College London has compiled a list of resources helpful to teachers, school leaders, parents/carers and young people.