Despite Brexit, young German adults want to live and work in England

Asked to choose between various EU countries, England is the strong favourite in which young German adults wish to live and work. This finding emerges from a recent snapshot survey commissioned by leading multilingual recruiter Talingual.

Of the 300 respondents asked, 33% chose England. In comparison 17% chose France, 15% chose Ireland, 14% chose Portugal, 12% chose Greece and 5% chose Bulgaria.

The preference for England is even stronger among  female respondents, with 37% choosing England as compared to 28% of males.

Overall, male respondents showed no marked preference between France, Ireland, Greece and Portugal each of which were chosen by 13 to 14%. For female respondents France was a clearer second favourite location chosen by 20%, followed by Ireland (17%), Portugal (15%)  and Greece (9%).

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The survey on which this article is based was commissioned by multilingual recruitment agency Talingual and was conducted between 20th and 23rd January 2019. The survey population comprised 300 young adults in Germany aged between 18 and 24 years old. The survey language was German and respondents were asked to choose one or more answers from a pre-populated list with the option to provide a free-text response.