Is working abroad for you?

In addition to being attracted to the job they are applying for, many candidates are enthusiastic to work abroad for a variety of reasons. From a professional point of view it is an ideal way to improve existing strengths, to learn new skills and to understand different working styles. In terms of personal development, working abroad provides opportunities to gain deep experience of other cultures, to learn new languages and to meet new people from a different background.

Advantages of working abroad

Candidates often remark how their international experience has helped build their confidence and develop their independence. Many of those same candidates embarked on their first foreign job with a mixture of excitement, nervousness and ambition. Those who make the most of their experience have a clear vision of why working abroad is beneficial.

The benefits most commonly reported by candidates are:

  1. Improved professional profile
  2. Advanced communication skills
  3. Expanded personal skills

If some of these benefits sound appealing, then working abroad may well be the right choice for you.

Improved professional profile

International experience is one of the most impactful additions to your CV. It makes you more attractive to employers who increasingly need employees with international work experience. Working abroad shows that you can go outside your comfort zone. It demonstrates ambition, ability to adapt to different cultures and confidence to take on new challenges. Overcoming typical challenges of living and working abroad such as dealing with bureaucracy and surviving without your usual support network of family and friends proves your resourcefulness and resilience.

Advanced communication skills

Working in another country requires you to learn about a new culture and communication styles. You learn and adapt to your new environment. In the process you learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently with international colleagues and clients.

Besides communication styles, working abroad usually gives you the chance to learn a new language or improve your existing language skills. Employers see real benefit in candidates who are fluent in additional languages. This will give you an edge over candidates who have not taken the opportunity to maximise their language proficiency.

Expanded personal skills

Living and working in a new country shows that you can go outside your comfort zone, that you can adapt to new work situations, and that you can overcome challenges. This demonstration of your abilities is not only valuable to employers, it is also valuable to you personally. Many of our candidates develop a well-earned sense of pride in their achievements gained while working abroad. They see clear development of their personal characteristics whether in the form of discovering new-found strengths or rectifying former weaknesses.